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Our Development Process

Oftentimes clients may not know what they want or have the knowledge to know what is possible. Many developers will begin coding a site in a hit or miss fashion until they find a design that fits the client's vision.

RIAH Software uses FLiP (the Fusebox Lifecycle Process) to design and build your site. Based on the popular Fusebox framework, it allows clients to see what their site will do before any coding begins. You wouldn't build a house without blueprints so why build a website without a plan?

This process is designed to help you as the client define and articulate your needs and preferences before any coding is started. This gives you full approval authority and saves you time and money.

The process starts with a wireframe of your site. The wireframe is a text skeleton that outlines the general flow and areas of your site. Next a prototype of your site is built. This prototype will show you exactly what your site will look like when it is completed. Once the prototype is completed and approved it is 'frozen.' No further changes are made after this point and coding begins making your site a dynamic, living creation.

This process cuts down on the time and cost of having your site built and put live on a server for all the world to see. All of the decisions will be made before coding starts thus avoiding costly rewrites when a design parameter gets changed.


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